We are Fuckin'Sliding
As our name suggests, as soon as we touch a car we send it fucking sliding
doesn't matter the car (shitboxes) doesn't matter the price (cheap as fuck).
Since the first minute we got behind the wheels to this exact moment our
only goal always was to drift. And maybe win some titles who knows?

Fuckin'Sliding was Created in 2020 as we decided that our life
couldn't just be about watching other win titles that we wanted. We needed
to enter the scene, participate in championships but for that we needed
a team, and a good one.
Therefore as the feeling of beeing held back grew stronger and stronger
into our minds the frustration became unbearable.
Finally after months of waiting we decided that the best way to go for the title
of France Drift Champions was to create our own team!


Build Our First Drift Car 🏎️

Drift Around And Find Out

Start Competitions

Compete in the CFD

Win for the France Drift Champion Title 🏆